Fine hand-crafted guitars from the workshop of luthier Matthew Carter




Working on my own I produce a small number of guitars a year, individually hand-crafted from personally selected premium tonewoods. Each one is the product of patience, precision and meticulous attention to detail which combine to create contemporary instruments of stylish elegance, outstanding tonal response and superb playability. Allowing beautiful wood to speak for itself is the essence of Elysian.  


Matthew Carter

A few choice words about Elysian…


Jerry Uwins - Review, Guitar & Bass Magazine

It fulfills both these roles (solo picking and accompaniment) admirably, with considerable class and musicality.The Elysian is a guitar that I want to keep picking up and playing.”

Danny Goring - Custom order

“A trusted companion on my musical journey. Superb tone and great for flat picking and fingerpicking. Great action. I feel privileged to own such a quality instrument. It’s definitely the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Sandy Park - Owner

“The neck, the set up and in particular the tone is absolutely superb. Compared to my other guitars, (a Martin D41 and Taylor 614CE) it is substantially lighter and very easy to just pick up and play.”

Mak Ogawa - Ivor Mairants

“Matthew’s guitars are not only beautiful aesthetically, they have the tonal response and richness of a carefully handcrafted guitar from a world class luthier.”

Acoustic Guitar Forum - Owner - Review in Acoustic Guitar Forum

“The sound is… subtle perfection. You can hear everything from bass right up through to treble in beautiful clarity. Not one tone is drowned out or lost. Truly unbelievable.The playability is also seriously addictive. Ever picked up a guitar that actually makes you play better? It is like putting on your best jeans. It instantly makes you feel good.”

Phil Lewis - Owner

“The guitar is simply magnificent. I have an Eric Clapton Martin and an OM15 but frankly your guitar (Elysian E14) leaves them by a considerable amount.”

Graham Coxon - Guitarist, Blur (column in The Guardian) - Owner

“Fylde in the Lake District, Brook in Devon, Alister Atkin in Canterbury, Elysian in London and Ralph Bown in York all make extremely beautiful instruments that can range in cost from £1,500 to around £4,000. A very fine instrument can inspire your playing no end.”

Phil Parker - Custom Order

“I’ve had my Elysian E14 for nearly a year and I’ve played it every day! It immediately had the dynamic responsiveness and playability I wanted and the tone has really opened up and matured over the last year.”

Milly Simpson - Custom owner

“My most treasured possession is a custom Elsyian 12 fret parlour, Brazilian Rosewood with an oil finish and Abalone soundhole and inlay. It is so pretty with the sweetest, clear and articulate tone.”


"...the most responsive and tonally rich guitar

I have ever played..."  

Acoustic Guitar Forum  

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